Enhancing Your Teaching Experience

Prevailing the current situation where education is primarily online in schools and colleges, it has become very difficult for the teachers to cope up with the advancing technology. So we here at Nathead, try to keep you teachers updated with each and every app and service. We will help you with your requirements, thus enabling you to become more efficient.

Pricing Structure

The pricing of each service varies according to your requirements. The below mentioned pricing is just for the basic necessities.

Learn to use Powerpoint: ₹400/class

Learn to use Word: ₹400/class

Learn to use Zoom/Google Meet/Teams: ₹500/class

Learn to use Google Classroom: ₹500/class

To learn any other app, contact us to know details.

Please fill in complete details of your requirements in the form provided or through any of the mentioned social platforms. We'll try to deliver to you as soon as possible.

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